Hate or Whatever


Hate or whatever.

I dont love you anymore.

Yes. She said it.
If i hear it someone for sure said it.
YES I HEARD ! She said it !
Everytime when this echo in my head I cried.
I heard many times again while i was crying.
My heart made notes to things that i heard.
You got your reply happy now said my heart to me.
Life or our life is our only welfare please take care I said
Pain will end if even opressed people doesnt get revenge on cruels.
But please dont do it i am just a kid !

Well i heard whatever.
There were voices in my head.
Either i heard it in my head
or it wasnt an echo it was a real female voice.
I wish owner of this echo could understand me while it is in my head.
I really dont know. Maybe seriously i am crazy.
They are right maybe.
This voice is not inside me
This echo is between our lives…


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