My memories told me “forget it ! “



I built a dream while you are not here.
And i demolished it with one single rage
Results are heavy. Everyone died.
Feeling of regret ? No thanks.
Say it ! I am guilty ! It is not hidden.

Or execute me, my exist is meanless.
Subservience is impossible even catch the bird with mouth.
3 years i finished school, my degree is irresponsible.
We are a half story which belives a dream
They will ask for each other of us, but we dont exist anymore.

Who is wrong ? Who is right ? Who has summer ? Who has winter ?
Unknown 4 ?!
Biggest gift is Love given my destiny.
Weird gift it is. Ribbon is blind node.
Trying to rip it, impossible than everything.

This loneliness is coming from school.
My dearest friend is feelings in my head
Unfortunately it is personal, they are even bored too.
I am not get used to living meanless.
Meanless days meanless nights meanless routine.

I dont have even to coins to hit each other,
I am stubborn on life for running after my dreams.
So let me leave from here with a clown smile.
My nickname is “unique” inside it is “demolished”

Keep up ! Believe me those situation will pass away.
Dont get a long with her memories says “forget it”
Look at yourself you are totally demolished.
Dont belive ! Neither beauty nor money or fun !


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